Do I Need a Seven-Night Minimum in Summer?

Minimum Night Stays in Vacation Rentals ~ Join Southern Wondering about the best way to set your minimum nights? Previously, the standard was that vacation rentals would require a seven-night minimum, especially in the summertime. This way of thinking led consumers to believe that they could gain more revenue by requiring visitors to stay seven nights. However, since these restrictions were so tight, and as the demand for more flexible stays increased, rental management companies [...]

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Revenue & Minimum Night Stays

Does the Length of Minimum Night Stays Affect Revenue? ~ Join Southern If you self-manage your rental property, you may be wondering, “does the length of the minimum night stay affect your revenue?” In a short answer, yes. While you may want to set a minimum length, typically a seven-night minimum, in order to draw in more revenue, you may miss out on a handful of guests who need more flexibility. The world [...]

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