Who Oversees My Property?

Southern's Approach to Vacation Rental Management ~ Join Southern Here at Southern, we've structured our operations around what works. We've been in the vacation rental management industry for over 25 years here on the Gulf Coast, and we've had plenty of experience fine-tuning our operations. As a new or potential owner, you may be wondering who oversees your property? After all, there are a number of facets that go into managing a vacation [...]

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How to Choose Your Property Manager

How to Choose Your Property Manager ~ The Business Blog Hint: it's not the cheaper option! “You get what you pay for.” – a phrase often heard after something you purchased doesn’t last as you anticipated it would or isn’t the quality you expected. From everyday purchases like food or an umbrella when caught in the rain, to investment/management services like choosing a contractor to build your home, or utilizing an investment company to [...]

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