What is the Clean Coverlet Program?

Southern's Clean Coverlet Program ~ Join Southern When browsing our properties on our main website, SouthernResorts.com, you might have noticed an amenity that says "Clean Coverlets - Every Reservation," in addition to a line advertising clean linens, comforters, and coverlets at each check-in. This is part of our Clean Coverlet initiative and our vacation rental management program. We replace a property's current comforters and quilts with environmentally-friendly bed covers that are changed and laundered [...]

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Sam Hinson ~ Destin, Florida Revenue Manager

Sam Hinson, Destin, Florida Revenue Manager ~ The Business Blog Welcome to the Business Blog at Join Southern. Our purpose is to provide informative content for all your questions regarding our vacation rental management services. Here on the blog, you’ll read up on a variety of topics including financial management for vacation rentals and the scoop on how maintenance is handled. You’ll also get to meet our Revenue Team and see testimonials from Southern [...]

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