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We encourage you to browse our site to learn more about the services we offer our owners, including property management, financial and revenue management, and in-house marketing. Take a look below at some of the highlights of our vacation rental management program and see what makes Southern stand out among the rest.

Southern provides all linens at no cost to owners. We are proud to partner with a local and professional commercial-grade laundry facility to provide a high standard of clean for our bedsheets and terry. The facility uses environmentally-friendly products to ensure all linens and terry are thoroughly sanitized. Minimal temperature settings, improper chemical balances, and small drum size are all factors to avoid when professionally laundering items for vacation rentals.

We replace a property’s current comforters and quilts with new white comforters and bed covers that are changed and laundered with each reservation. Our coverlets are white, lightweight quilted coverlets that are designed to provide a comfortable bedding experience. Owners will no longer need to replace their comforters or have them laundered. Since guest satisfaction is top of mind for us, our guests can rest assured that a bed’s comforters, in addition to the linens, are laundered after each reservation.

Now more than ever, owners and guests want peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation in a property. Southern’s Clean Initiative is a thorough plan to ensure a top-notch, clean stay is in place for our guests and our owners.

Guests are asked to review the cleanliness of the property after every stay. This feedback is reviewed by our team and the cleaners in bi-weekly meetings to ensure the cleanliness of the unit is up to standard. Detailed and specific questions in the reviews allow us to pinpoint areas the cleaners excel in or look for areas of improvement.

The locks tie into our reservation system, allowing us to monitor who is entering the property with person-specific codes. The guests are given a door code prior to their arrival, allowing them to go straight to their property instead of checking in at a physical location. And, by using smart locks, our team can troubleshoot lock issues quickly and remotely.

Just like the locks, our thermostats are connected to our reservation system as well. We can see when there is a guest in-house or if the property is vacant, allowing for the thermostat to auto-adjust the temperature. Southern can also set temperature ranges to ensure guests cannot raise the temperature too high or drop it too low. The technology can also detect issues with the A/C, again allowing us to troubleshoot issues quickly and remotely.

Our maintenance plan covers the costs for select repairs throughout a property, including unclogging toilets, sinks and tubs with normal use of plungers, replacing A/C and heating filters, and clearing jammed or clogged disposals. This allows us to cut down on items other rental companies may charge for. Our team is equipped to serve as the first line of defense before calling a vendor, allowing us to reduce unnecessary diagnostic fees from vendors.

Rather than an annual deep clean, Southern provides two refresh cleans throughout the year – one in the spring, and one in the fall. This gives our professional cleaners the chance to thoroughly dust, clean the appliances, electronics, and furniture, and touch up the trim and windows before and after the peak season.

In addition to feedback on the cleanliness of a property, Southern solicits feedback from guests in all areas of their stay. Our teams share feedback on a regular basis to keep an owner up to date with what guests are saying about their property. This includes both positive and negative feedback so an owner can know what is and isn’t working. By providing us with immediate feedback on items like couches, mattresses, and appliances, our team is able to take corrective action to ensure a guest’s stay is nothing but a sweet Southern one.

Our in-house marketing team combines 25 years of vacation rental experience and expert-level agency partnerships to drive revenue to your property. Through a diversified approach that includes paid search marketing, social initiatives, SEO, targeted email strategy, and more, we continuously look for fresh and innovative ways to maximize revenue.

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