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Property Management

The typical vacation rental model has one property manager, managing huge portfolios and providing very little focus on communication with the owner. Over time the maintenance standards and the quality of service provided to the owner depreciates.

Our property management system addresses these issues. Portfolio Managers will have a subset of properties (30-40) they are solely responsible for. This allows them to remain focused and provide consistent attention to detail for both the property, and the owner. PM’s manage all aspects of the cleaners from payroll to the cleanliness of the units, and with a smaller set of properties, this is achievable.

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Robust Maintenance Plan

Keep Your Property in Perfect Working Condition

Preventative Maintenance. Regular Maintenance. In-House Team & Approved Contractors. 

Top-Notch Housekeeping & Laundry Facility

At Southern, we know what makes guests happy and cleanliness is paramount.

We work hard to employ conscientious cleaners and inspect the properties.

Our state-of-the-art laundry facility ensures clean, fresh linens.

Average Cleanliness Rating
Cleans Annually
Linen Processed Annually

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