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Owner Testimonials

Hear from real owners as they share their experience partnering with Southern. We hope to include you on this list!

We’ve been renting through Southern Vacation Rentals for several years.  They have done an excellent job for us.  We trust them to not only rent out our condo, but to also take very good care of it. Working with such a dependable  company makes renting a much more stress free experience!

Rudy V., Owner

Southern Vacation Rentals have been very good to us, and very thoughtful, when caring for our unit.  The rental program has worked well.  We have been with them for several years. Do consider them as your agency.

Suzanne S., Owner

Southern has been an awesome vacation rental company. Their website ease of use interface enables the user to easily find a place and make reservations. Expediency of service (pre and post) is spot on.

Jose R., Owner

We bought our condo early in 2018 and after doing some checking around, we decided to have it managed by Southern.  That was a great decision for us.  The rental income for our first year was right at what they predicted.  We enjoy our condo a great deal when we can and feel like it is in good hands when we are not there.  We especially enjoy Brandon, our Portfolio Manager who has been a great resource for us.  He will go the extra mile for us.  We have never caught him in a bad mood, even when we know he has to be extremely busy.  With all their good service, we will be staying with Southern!

Kate & Rocky M., Owner

I can whole heartily endorse Rob C. [as our property manager]. He treats his clients with personal care and urgency. A year ago, during Southern’s normal house inspection between guests, he noticed that our hot water heater was starting to leak.  The team shut off the water and Rob notified me of the situation. This allowed me to replace the hot water heater before it blew and cost a lot more money. We are very thankful for their attention to detail. In addition, when situations arrive, Rob is good about coming up with plans of action to resolve the issue. He seems to have a wealth of knowledge ranging from the mechanics of a home to the workings of Southern Vacation rentals. He is a valuable asset to us as a homeowner.

John K., Owner

We are so appreciative of the quick thinking and resourcefulness by Southern Resorts marketing and the hands-on guidance and support we received from our property manager, Tyler Noble, during quarantine restrictions. It was a stressful time for everyone, but as out-of-state property owners especially, it was reassuring to have the steady hand of a smart, calm manager keeping us informed of the quick-changing rules being put forth by the state of Florida and how it would affect us. As restrictions were lifted, our property was ready with more stringent cleanings and all the extra precautions expected by renters now.

Craig & Aida K., Owner

My wife and I have owned investment properties for many years. When we came and settled here in the FL Panhandle years ago, we interviewed and engaged the services of various property management companies to oversee our Florida rental properties. After trying some of them, we were not completely satisfied. Finally, we were very fortunate when we hired the services of Southern Vacation Rentals By now, we have been using Southern for 5 continuous years and it has proved to meet and exceed our expectations. We’ve established a good business relationship with them and appreciate dealing one-on-one with their staff. They are respectful, courteous and knowledgeable; and quick to address any problems. We take pride in our rental properties and Southern knows that. They are focused on cleanliness, maintenance and making sure owners derive the maximum rental revenue. We would recommend Southern to anyone who requires the services they offer. You will not be disappointed.

Bob & Maggie L., Owner

I just wanted to let you know my last experience when my husband and I arrived to stay at our condo for my birthday weekend.  Tyler called me to check to make sure what time we were arriving so that everything was ready at our condo.  I mentioned in our conversation that we were coming in for a quick birthday weekend to celebrate.  When my husband and I arrived, we were treated to a lovely birthday card, wine, cookies, and a beautiful and exceptionally clean condo.  It was such a nice surprise and gesture.  I was something that Tyler did to go out of his way to make my birthday stay a little more special.  Those little things go a long way with me and it means a lot. Tyler has been such a responsive property manager and he’s just a kind human being.  If I ever have any questions, he has an answer for me ASAP.  I appreciate his professionalism and his attention to detail.  I appreciate someone like Tyler that not only takes care of my condo, but me and my family as well. Kudos to Tyler!  He is an asset to your company!!!!

Monica R., Owner

We have used several management companies over the last 10 years and have used Southern Vacation Rentals for almost 3 years now. They have done a great job of managing our Florida property and have made renting our condo virtually hands off and trouble-free. We have very consistent correspondence with our Portfolio Manager. He and the Southern staff are always very responsive to our needs and with keeping us posted on the status of the condo. Their method of accounting for the expenses and income makes it super-easy monitor the rental program. They are very consistent and reliable with the transitioning of guests which makes for happy and content guests and clients. We appreciate their services and high recommend them as your management company of choice.

Troy M., Owner

We are thrilled with the service we have received from Southern Resorts. Especially living out of state, it is so comforting to be able to call and have things taken care of immediately. If a problem arises, they are quick to get it remedied. We would definitely recommend them for rental services.

Jill C., Owner

My experience with Southern Resorts has been great, because of people like Chris, our portfolio manager.  I have been a customer for 10 years and now have two condos listed with them.  The reason we decided to go with Southern in the first place was the previous owner had also had a great experience and the booking history was excellent. When we bought the Marisol condo it was a no brainer to use Southern again. This year [2019] looks like another good year with excellent service and good booking, so keep up the good work.

Paul B., Owner

When we bought a place on 30A we went with Southern as our management team.  We appreciated the way we were treated as renters with them. We have been happy with the rental seasons that we have had. There are a lot of companies to choose from, but like the hands on, personal, and professional way that Southern treats us and our guests.

Denise K., Owner

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