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Professionals at Oceania Property Management

Oceania remains some of Gulf Shores’ most luxurious condominiums, enjoying a terrific location directly on the shoreline. Southern Vacation Rentals is proud to have a presence at Oceania, with the intent to grow our inventory further. We surpass the standard for occupancy year over year in Gulf Shores, and we’ve got the client base and demand to prove it. Our approach to Oceania rental management is unlike any other, with our strongest Portfolio Manager and a top-notch Revenue Manager overseeing every aspect of your portfolio. Their teamwork, coupled by our world-class marketing and sales teams, ensures exponential growth of your Oceania investment property. In addition, extensive knowledge of the complex and a great relationship with Oceania’s HOA is just more proof of our success. Simply put, there is no approach to property management at Oceania like ours.

When you join our vacation rental management program, a wealth of services is at your fingertips. Contact our Revenue Team for accurate rental projections for your property at Oceania in Gulf Shores!

Services include:

  • Revenue Management
  • Property Management
  • Marketing Your Oceania Property
  • In-House Accounting and Financial Management
  • Client Care – 24/7

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Meet the Oceania Team

The Southern Difference

At Southern, we hire and develop staff to specialize in their respective areas. Our structure allows our teams to focus more time and energy into each unit and its success.

McKenzie Nicholas
McKenzie NicholasRegional Director
Stanton Blaylock
Stanton BlaylockRevenue Manager
Anne Carswell
Anne CarswellPortfolio Manager

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Southern Marketing Funnel

Oceania Marketing

You’ll also benefit from Southern’s full-time, in-house Marketing Team, a group of individuals who work with industry experts to promote Oceania. We have proven success at reaching guests at every stage of the marketing funnel, keeping them engaged, and developing their loyalty.

  • We have the resources to continually reach more travelers
  • Southern’s database of past guests and leads spans back nearly 25 years, putting more eyes on your Oceania property than ever
  • Southern’s presence at Oceania dominates on major search engine
  • Southern deploys numerous Oceania-focused initiatives to drive visitors, including PPC, Remarketing, SEO, Digital Display, Social Media and more!


Discover the Southern difference and how we can net you more through maximizing your revenue while minimizing costs.

Zero Startup Costs

As an owner at Oceania, our goal is to net you more. We take care of everything, providing you with peace of mind. Discover our full range of services today.

Revenue Management

With a team of Revenue Managers utilizing dynamic pricing software to optimize rates each day, you’ll see a maximum return on your Oceania condo.

Property Management

In an ever-evolving industry, at Southern, we’re always looking to perfect vacation rental management. Explore our unique approach to caring for your Oceania property.

Client Care

In a time of AI, our Client Care division works around the clock to provide each guest at Oceania with a sweet Southern experience. Learn just how today.

Financial Management

With years of experience in vacation rental accounting, Southern’s in-house Accoutning Team understands the importance of monitoring your Oceania investment property.

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