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With over 25 years of experience managing vacation rentals, we are confident we can help you earn every dollar you deserve. We’re investing in cutting-edge technology and taking a diversified approach to revenue management by combining our dynamic pricing software with hands-on revenue managers to maximize both your revenue and occupancy goals.  

Historically, vacation rental companies have relied on static rates for every day of the season, leaving no room for flexibility to meet the demand in the current market. When a property has the same rate for every day of the season, this leads to an increase in vacancies and revenue left on the table. You work hard for your investment property – shouldn't you exceed your revenue and occupancy goals season after season? This is where dynamic pricing comes in. 

Dynamic pricing is regularly gathering data on properties within Southern’s portfolio in addition to third-party sites, looking for market trends in order to determine the best rate for each property. Demand has been proven to be measured by factors including day of the week and seasonality. By analyzing this data, our Revenue team is able to adjust your rates in real-time throughout the day, ensuring we are pricing your property right every day of the season. 

Having an in-house Revenue team allows us to keep an eye on your property’s rates at all times. Since they are hands-on, they can easily monitor trends in occupancy and demand to set the rates right every time. Our Revenue team also works closely with your Client Success Manager on booking trends, rate requirements, and more to ensure your property stays in line with the market. 

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