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Southern’s Maintenance Plan

The Maintenance Plan covers:
• Unclogging toilets, sinks and tubs with normal use of plungers
• Replacement of easily accessible, standard A/C and heating filters on maintenance schedule (Excluding specialty)
• Clearing jammed/clogged disposals and re-setting of disposal motors
• Replacing sink stoppers
• Installing toilet flush arms and flapper valves
• Caulking around sinks, tubs and other fixtures
• Checking and re-setting electrical breakers and ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI outlets)
• Adjusting refrigerator and freezer controls
• Cleaning clothes dryer lint vents and lint filters
• Replacement of all interior light bulbs
• Replacement of batteries in remote controls
• Replacement of batteries in easily accessible smoke detectors
• Re-programming of electronic component remote controls
• Re-installing towel bars and rods
• Tightening and adjusting shower door hinges and shower door towel bars
• Installing doorstops
• Replacing doorstop spring caps
• Re-installing window screens and screen doors (Re-screening is not covered)
• Tightening and adjusting cabinet doors, hinges and toilet seats
• Replacement of electrical and cable cover plates (Excluding decorative covers)
• Lubricating and adjusting door mechanisms as necessary
• Diagnostic service calls (HVAC, phone, appliances, electrical, plumbing and internet)

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