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We recognize the value in long-term business relationships, and we are willing to show that in our zero-cost start up. Lock installation (and smart thermostat), linens, professional photography, and even a comprehensive maintenance plan covered at no cost to the owner. 

It varies slightly according to property location and size. Our managers will be glad to quote you the fee upon seeing your property.

Southern’s strategic marketing strategy includes a variety of targeted online and offline tactics.

Yes. Our Owner Portal allows owners to view and book reservations, monitor work orders, and print monthly statements directly online.

Income is dispersed via direct deposit by the 10th of every month.

Our Client Success Managers provide reports on current bookings, YOY reservations, ADR, and pacing. We are also redesigning our Owner Portal so that you will have access to these stats at any time.

Our Owner Portal makes it easy for you to reserve your property for yourself and your guests.

Southern’s Client Success Manager will be your main point of contact to provide information on your portfolio, Southern news, and more. You may also receive emails from Southern about important updates from time to time as well.

Yes. We strive to make the guest experience the best it can be so we have some minimum standards that are required. We are happy to share a list.

No, a landline is not necessary unless you wish to have one for your own personal stay. We do require WiFi to be available. Virtually all guests come equipped with mobile phones, and the expense of maintaining a landline just for guest use is not needed.

Southern covers all credit card fees on guest reservations regardless if the reservation is procured by Southern or the property owner.

Guests are charged the cleaning fees, in addition to the rental rates, when booking a reservation. Owners are only responsible for cleaning costs when they use the property and/or allow others to use the property at no charge.

As an owner, your main point of contact will be your Client Success Manager. You will also have an Operations Manager who oversees the condition of your property, ensuring it is in accordance with our Southern standards. In addition, Southern has a Revenue Team that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to manage your rates and maximize revenue.

In addition to the rental rates and cleaning fees, each paying reservation will be charged taxes and a service fee. Additionally, guests are offered optional travel insurance protection through a third-party company.

No. Southern covers this cost.

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