What Marketing Efforts are Applied to Your Property

One of the services Southern Vacation Rentals offers to owners is an expert Marketing team. You might ask, what does the marketing for my property look like? What platforms are used to advertise my property? We want to dive into these questions and provide insight into exactly what our Marketing team handles.

The strategies we are going to look at are just a few of what our Marketing team handles. For more information, please contact a member of our team today.

The Importance of Marketing


There are marketing tactics done that affect how Southern Vacation Rentals is perceived. For example, the Gulf Coast Guide shows guests that Southern is more than just rentals. When it comes to how company-wide advertising directly affects your property, see below:

Blogs – A new blog is posted to SouthernResorts.com each week. A lot of these blogs are to let guests know what is happening around the Gulf Coast such as events, dining recommendations, and more. However, there are property-specific blogs thrown into the mix. These showcase specific homes and condos in different areas.

Imagery – Imagery is the best way for a guest to truly picture what it might be like to stay in your property. Our team works hard to upload beautiful imagery as soon as we receive it. It is also the first thing a guest sees when they view a property on SouthernResorts.com. We find this catches their eye and is normally the content guests care about most.

Property Descriptions – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes to play in property descriptions. We include keywords within each property description, so our property listings are one of the first to show up in a Google search if someone is looking for a vacation condo in Destin, FL, or a beachfront home in Gulf Shores, AL. No matter the location or type of property, the keywords within the descriptions will help us get to the top of the list.

Property Specific

There are also marketing strategies that are more individualized to your property. These showcase specific details, what might attract someone to rent with Southern, etc. For just a few examples of how Southern advertises your properties continue reading:

Social Media – An important thing to understand is each social media platform serves a different purpose. This means how we post to Facebook and Instagram versus Pinterest content is going to be quite different. We publish content on all the major platforms. For specific details on what content gets posted where contact a member of our team!

Emails – Another great way to showcase your property and drive traffic to the website for bookings is through email. Southern has a vast list of contacts utilized within every email. Our creative team is knowledgeable in designing the email to grab the reader’s attention and spark inspiration to take a beach vacation.

We hope this gives you some insight into a few resources our Marketing team utilizes to ensure your property is well-occupied throughout the year.