What Owners Should Expect During Busy Season

Spring break starts the busiest time of year for vacation rentals along the Gulf Coast. From spring break, we move right into summertime and before we know it, July 4th will be upon us. From an owner’s standpoint, it is important to understand the many obstacles that come with the number of visitors heading to the beach. Throughout the year we take the time to focus on what areas can be improved at what time. For example, January & February are the months we take a hard look at your property listing. Does anything need to be updated, are the pictures still accurate, is there an important feature we are missing. These are questions we ask ourselves during the months when there might not be as many people on the beach, however, there are guests booking their stay. So, you might ask what happens during the months when there are more guests staying in rentals?

What Owners Should Expect During Busy Season


With an increase in occupancy, there is bound to be an increase in things including maintenance. Guests experience staying in your rental firsthand. They use the appliances in the kitchen, the WiFi, the furniture which all can lead to discovering items that need to be replaced or worked on. Our maintenance team is scattered along the Gulf Coast to ensure someone can get to their rental to fix anything necessary as quickly as possible. If it is an item that might require more work or a larger replacement, we do our best to take care of it when the rental is vacant. That way we do not intrude on the guests’ stay.

Guest Ambassadors

Our Guest Ambassador team dives into solving any issues that arise from a guest staying in our property. We focus on ensuring the guest has the best experience possible. Of course, this is important year-round, however, with the influx of guests coming to the beach, we also get an influx of questions from them about the rental and even things to do along the Gulf Coast. With over 25 years of experience, our Guest Ambassador team has a system to ensure they can answer phone calls efficiently while still making the guest feel taken care of. The team is well-versed in each area so they can provide recommendations on restaurants or activities no matter where the guest is staying.

We are looking forward to welcoming guests back to the beaches in 2022! If you have any questions about how spring break or summer will affect your rental, contact our team today.