Guest Experience is One of Our Biggest Priorities

When you go on vacation, you are of course excited to get to your destination and experience all that the area has to offer. However, your destination is not the only factor that plays into how well your trip goes. Your vacation rental and accommodation experience could also make or break your overall trip. Here at Southern, we have implemented multiple systems and programs to ensure our guests have a positive experience. Also, another important thing to mention is if we do have a guest who might have a negative experience, we spend time learning from them to improve as a company overall. Continue reading for a look into how we provide the highest quality experience and service along the Gulf Coast.

Let’s Talk Guest Experience

Guest Ambassador Team

We created our Guest Ambassador team to help guests find the perfect rental and to also take care of any problems that may arise during their say. Each member of this team is well versed in each property we have on program to make sure we find the perfect vacation rental for each guest. They also answer questions guests may have about the area and can report problems to the proper team to make sure they are well taken care of. Our local team is available 24/7 via call, text, or email.

Guest Portal

Once a guest books their stay, they gain access to the Guest Portal. This is where they find tons of property-specific information to help them navigate their stay. From parking instructions to amenity wristbands, the Guest Portal has it all. They can also book excursions through our Southern Perks partners through the portal.

Gulf Coast Guide

Each area we serve has a Gulf Coast Guide. Here we list dining options, family adventures, leisure activities, and Ecotourism opportunities. It is a great way for guests to start planning their stay and make the most out of their getaway to the beach.


After the guest leaves, they receive an email asking them to review their stay. This is where our team dives into the details of each reservation to see if any issues were experienced but maybe not reported. We look at things including cleanliness, overall appeal, and whether the guest would stay there again. These reviews are very helpful in learning what it is like to stay in each vacation rental from firsthand experience.

One of our biggest priorities is making sure each guest enjoys their stay. For questions on the guest experience, visit our website or contact a team member today!