How Does Southern’s Clean Initiative Carry into 2022?

At the start of Covid-19, Southern Vacation Rentals had to make hard and fast decisions about how to ensure guests feel safe staying in a rental property. It was a tough conversation the entire tourism industry faced and because of it, we established Southern’s Clean Initiative. Not only does this mean the rentals are physically cleaned and disinfected more but also provides peace of mind for guests visiting the beach. We have seen a positive response to this new requirement and plan on continuing the practice as we enter 2022. Covid-19 is still around today, however, we want visitors to come to the beach for a stress-free getaway and this is one way we add relaxation to their stay. Continue reading for insight into what exactly is done and visit for even more detailed information.

Southern's Clean Initiative

Your Space

We have always conducted basic cleaning between guests to provide a new, fresh space for the next visitor. However, now we utilize glanHealth. This is a safe surface sanitation treatment approved by regulatory authorities. It effectively eliminates 99% of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. It ensures that just walking through the space and doing normal tasks such as turning on the TV, washing the dishes, etc. are safe.

Clean Coverlet

Southern has implemented our Clean Coverlet program even before Covid-19 hit. However, in 2020, it was mandatory for each vacation rental to participate. This program provides fresh and clean coverlets that are professionally laundered and changed between reservations. So now you don’t have to climb into bed after a long day and worry if your comforter has been washed as frequently as your sheets. The Clean Coverlet Program allows for completely new bed linens that are not only sanitary but also comfortable.

For more information on how this might pertain to your vacation rental along the Gulf Coast, reach out to our team today.