Vacation Rental Upkeep and Professional Recommendation

The Gulf Coast is one of the most popular areas to visit for relaxation, quality family time, adventure, and delicious dining. Because of this, there is a good chance your rental will stay occupied most nights of the year. As a property management company, we love to see a high return on investment for our owners, however, we also know the importance of maintaining your property. There is a lot to gain from having windows of time where your rental is vacant, allowing you to update the property and take care of any maintenance items that are not emergent but still important.

You may ask, when is the best time to check on the property? Or even, what updates need to be done? Our team is involved in every stay in your vacation rental. This means they are constantly aware of items on the checklist that need to be taken care of. We have also provided a bit more insight into the answers to these questions below. For specific concerns and inquiries, reach out to a member of our team.Vacation Rental Upkeep and Professional Recommendation

When should I update my vacation rental?

There are trends and seasons when guests like to visit the Gulf. For example, spring break and the summer months are our busiest times of the year. School is out and families are hoping to come relax on the beach. Because of this, it gets a bit trickier on members of our team entering your property to conduct updates or maintenance. No guest wants our staff to interrupt their stay with a non-emergent task item. So, the winter months are the best time to walk through the property, fix any issues, and maybe consider updating some characteristics.

What updates should I consider for my vacation rental?

This can vary from year to year. One year you may need to look at updating the mattresses, couch, rugs, or any other bigger ticket items. Another year you may want to update the TV to a Smart TV instead. One update that is important to look at every year is ensuring your kitchen is stocked with plates, utensils, etc. Guests love a fully equipped kitchen, and these items tend to break easier. To learn what updates your specific rental might need, contact our team today! They are always looking at ways to improve your ROI and the guest experience, and making some adjustments could benefit you greatly.

For any other questions regarding updating your property or even inquiries on how Southern handles maintenance, contact our team today!