What Amenities You Can Add to Improve Your Property Listing

When guests search for the perfect vacation rental, each one has their own set of wants and needs in the property they choose. They will be searching for number of bedrooms, the location of the property, whether they would like a house or condo, and so much more. Some of these amenities are out of your control. Especially those who already own an investment property along the Gulf. However, as a property management company serving the Gulf Coast, we have the inside scoop of what amenities you can add to improve your property listing. These characteristics are listed below.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about adding one of these to your vacation rental, contact our team today!

amenities you can add

Pet Friendly

No one likes to leave their furry family member at home while on vacation. Not many properties allow pets, so adding this amenity could really set you out from the crowd.

Smart TV

Nowadays, everyone wants to watch shows and movies that can be streamed. Having a Smart TV allows them to do so! It also means they don’t have to learn the different channels in a new city.

Bikes Included

Having bikes included in your rental could be a very smart move. We highly recommend this amenity for certain properties such as beach houses along 30A. To learn if your property could be right for this characteristic, contact our team today!

Beach Service

When people visit the Gulf Coast, they spend most of their time on the beach! Offering complimentary beach service, or even beach service in season for a fee, could put your rental at the top of their list.


No one likes reusing beach towels during their stay! Offering a washer and dryer can make your guests’ lives much easier!