Discover Southern’s Opinion Behind the Billboard Effect

Have you ever heard of the phenomenon called the Billboard Effect? It is something that has been studied for years and a lot of companies are asking if it is still useful today. What’s our take on it? Continue reading to find out! As a property management company in Florida, we have done extensive research on whether the Billboard Effect actually plays a part in our occupancy. We have taken sample groups, looked over our bookings year after year, and so much more to keep track of this interesting phenomenon.

Here at Southern, we leverage different third-party sites to advertise properties. VRBO is our largest contender.  We aim to advertise every property that signs on to Southern’s program on VRBO. They are a strong company who we thoroughly enjoy working with.

So, before we connect the dots of how VRBO and the Billboard Effect play into booking properties at Southern, allow us to define what the Billboard Effect is. The Billboard Effect is when a guest sees our company name and branding on a distribution site, and instead of booking through the site, they book with us directly.

Because we use VRBO as a major distribution site for our vacation rentals, we can watch this happen in real-time. We have seen over the past few years that the more we advertise on third-party sites, the more direct bookings we receive. Now, that is not to say that our properties do not actually receive bookings on VRBO. Our properties are rented through VRBO consistently.

Discover Southern’s Opinion Behind the Billboard Effect

With our area being so heavily trafficked with guests from so many different states, it is important for our team to keep track of how guests like to book with us. Part of being a property management company in Florida is ensuring the guest experience is up to par. What is easiest for them? What sites do they trust? The Billboard Effect helps us keep track of the answers to those questions.

Visit each of our Services to learn more about how we do things here at Southern! Or contact our team today. They are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding joining our program or any further questions you may have about the Billboard Effect.