Remote Working Trend – What You Need to Know!

Work Remote from a Vacation Rental along the Gulf Coast

This past year the majority of employees were moved from working in the office to working from home. We anticipate that as businesses have started to open back up, that the majority of people will choose to continue to work from home. Here at Southern, we hope to provide a place for visitors to come and not only turn off their brain for a much-needed getaway but also work with a change of scenery. Below you will find tips on how to better equip your vacation rental along the Gulf Coast to encourage visitors to use the space to work remotely at the beach!

Laptop Friendly Spaces

Probably the most important aspect of your rental that needs to be addressed is making sure there is a laptop-friendly space. This could be a dining table, breakfast bar, or even a coffee table. If you want to take it a step further, you can set up a designated work area with a desk and chair. A good chair is always so important when it comes to productivity.

Work Remote from a Vacation Rental along the Gulf Coast

WIFI Speeds

WIFI speeds are essential in making your vacation rental along the Gulf Coast one that encourages working remotely. Double-check with your internet provider that your current WIFI speed is able to accommodate guests who might want to work remotely from your rental.

Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in the morning before sitting down to check things off their long list of to-dos? A reliable coffee maker is a great addition to your vacation rental along the Gulf Coast if you are hoping to host more people working from home. This could be a Keurig or a regular coffee maker, whichever you prefer!

Not only will all of these tips provide a space for people to work remotely while also feel like they are on vacation, but it could also serve as the perfect space for you! As the owner, you could take some time away from your normal day-to-day schedule and work from your vacation rental along the Gulf Coast!

If you have any questions about how to furnish and equip your property in a way that will allow your guests to make the most out of their stay, contact us today!