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What Questions Should You Ask a Property Management Company?

Having a condo or house to rent on the beach is a great investment opportunity, however, it can bring on more challenges and stress to your life if you do not have the right property management company behind you. It is so important to educate yourself and fully understand what services are offered by different companies. So, what questions should you ask a property management company before choosing them?

Here at Southern, property management is what we do! We have many different services that we offer to ensure your investment property on the beach is well taken care of. We have compiled a list of eight high-level questions to help you move forward with choosing the right management company for you!

What Questions Should You Ask a Property Management Company


What is your management fee?

Our management fee is based off of the projected gross revenue of your property. It can also vary based on the property size, location, etc. For more information on what the management fee for your property could be, contact our team for a rate projection!

What does it cost to join Southern?

Nothing! Working with Southern means zero start-up fees. We will cover everything to get you started including lock installation, smart home tech, linens, professional photography/marketing, and comprehensive maintenance plans.

How do you market my property?

Here at Southern, we have an in-house marketing team that is well-versed in the vacation rental industry. They will advertise your property on our website which drives millions of users and sessions every year. They also post properties every week on different social platforms to an audience of over 56,000 viewers. Another important marketing tool that our team uses emails. Our email database has over 350K users that interact with the emails that come from our team. They also will add your property to third-party listing sites for the “billboard effect.” For more information on how we market your property, visit our Strategic Marketing page.

Who is my point of contact?

Each of our properties is assigned to a Client Success Manager (CSM) who handles all communication with owners. They funnel requests and updates to other departments including marketing, accounting, etc. Our Client Success Managers are also knowledgeable in all things vacation rental management and can help guide you through any questions or concerns you may come across.

How do you care for my property?

In addition to CSMs servicing as a liaison between the owner and Southern, we also have Operations Managers who oversee housekeeping and maintenance of the property. To learn more about our preventative maintenance plan, our refresh cleans, and more, visit our Property Management page.

How do you set rates? Can I determine my own rates?

Our Revenue Team utilizes dynamic pricing to ensure the best possible rate is assigned to your property. This dynamic pricing tool fluctuates regularly based on season, demand, inventory, events, historical data, etc. We use dynamic pricing because we have found that it is the best way to ensure you earn every $ you deserve.

Do I pay for my property photography?

We will take care of all things property photography! Southern utilizes software called InsideMaps to take high-definition photography and virtual tours at no cost to the owner. Our guests love not only seeing up-to-date imagery but also virtual tours to better understand the layout of the property.

How do I see my reservations and owner statement?

Southern offers an owner portal that makes it easy for you to see how your property is doing. It also allows owners to make reservations, see existing reservations, their monthly statements, and other important questions.

So, when it comes to what questions should you ask a property management company, we’ve got you covered! For even more questions and answers, visit our FAQ page. If you have a question that you don’t see answered, reach out to our team. We would love to help!