How Do You Determine Minimum Night Stays and Turn Days?

Setting Minimum Night Stays and Turn Days for Vacation Rentals ~ Join Southern

At Southern Vacation Rentals, we have a dedicated revenue team who works hard to ensure that your property always has the right rates at the right times. In addition, our revenue team looks at the number of minimum night stays required for a property, which is usually set by the HOA or even sometimes dictated by an individual owner. Typically, we see properties set at least three required nights, but with the ever-changing travel landscape and the demand for shorter stays, staying flexible has never been more important. Here are a few strategies our revenue team follows when looking at rates and minimum nights:

Setting Minimum Nights for Vacation Rentals

  • If you’re restricting your length of stay, you are missing out on a huge number of potential guests as well as showing no availability. We know sometimes this can be tough if your HOA says otherwise, but keeping yourself flexible and open increases your chances of getting seen by travelers.
  • That being said, too many restrictions could impact your property’s ranking on the major travel websites that we partner with.
  • Over a full year, properties with fewer restrictions take 34% more bookings directly via their own website.
  • If your property is new to our vacation rental management program, then consider dropping minimum night stay requirements to capture guests who can’t take a full week of vacation. Keep this in mind for short holiday getaways too, especially if the holiday falls on a weekend.

In addition, when setting minimum night stays for your vacation rental, don’t forget about turn days. Turn days are the days you want guests to check in to your property. Saturday turn days have been most common in the past, but are fading away – now, we are finding that travelers are looking for mid-week stays and arrivals. By opening yourself up to these new trends, you have better chances of securing bookings.

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