How Can I Maximize Guest Feedback?

How to Maximize Guest Feedback ~ Join Southern

It’s no secret that reviews are one of the most important components of the vacation rental industry. Without reviews, how will you be able to improve the experience for the next guest that stays in your property? If you have been wondering how to maximize guest feedback, then this week’s blog post is for you.

Think of reviews like a personal recommendation. It’s not enough just to do your research on the product – you want to know what others are saying as well. A study by BrightLocal said that 91% of respondents said they trusted online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Good reviews have been shown to increase bookings and build trust among guests.

How to Maximize Guest Feedback

At Southern, we collect internal feedback from guests on everything from the cleanliness of the property to the ease of the booking process. This helps us know what’s working and determine areas we can improve upon. While we don’t yet have a way to publish reviews on our main site,, we do solicit feedback from each and every guest who stays with us. Our Client Success Managers share feedback with owners, good and bad. After all, how can we improve if we aren’t assessing the negatives?

One way we maximize guest feedback is by asking guests for their feedback as soon as they depart. This gives us the chance to gain insight into specifics areas of opportunity while the stay is still fresh in their mind. If the guest booked with us through a third-party platform like Vrbo or Airbnb, we can also collect reviews that way. These reviews are public, and it’s important to remember that the responses to their reviews are primarily for the next guest who booked. Another way we are able to maximize guest feedback is by responding quickly and accurately. Our team excels at this, making sure we are always keeping current on reviews from guests.

Here are some more easy ways to maximize guest feedback for every review:

  • Share reviews on social media
  • Promptly contact guests who left negative reviews
  • Ask for reviews (but never offer an incentive for a good review!)
  • Respond quickly to all reviews

For Florida and Alabama vacation rental management that will help you maximize guest feedback, contact us!