How Do You Handle Damage to My Property?

Handling Damage in Vacation Rentals ~ Join Southern

When you own a vacation rental, damage is bound to happen in your property at some point. Whether it’s a scuff on the wall or a broken piece of furniture, wear and tear and accidental damage is inevitable. We do our best to get ahead of any issues prior to a guest’s arrival, but sometimes that’s not always possible. When it comes to handling damage in vacation rentals, we do our best to get ahead of any issues before they spiral out of control. Read on below to learn more about this aspect of our vacation rental management program.

Handling Damage to Vacation Rentals

Damage deposits and security deposits are not included in our rent costs. A preventative maintenance plan is also included in our rental management agreement in addition to a covered maintenance plan.  We also ask our owners to have additional maintenance services performed, including routine HVAC care, dryer duct cleaning, patio/balcony cleaning inspections, and more. Our maintenance plan covers the cost for repairing items like unclogging sinks, toilets, and tubs, clearing jammed or clogged disposals, and installing flapper valves in toilets.

Excessive damage to a property, like a broken bed or stained carpet, falls on the guest. Typically, we will charge for any excessive damage they cause in a property. In our rental policies, we ask guests to notify us of any maintenance or housekeeping needs so we can address these as soon as possible. Handling damage is vacation rentals quickly and efficiently is the best way to make for a happy repeat guest and secure a positive review for your property.

Overtime, wear and tear can show in the property, and it’s important to get ahead of these issues before they grow into larger problems. This can include a dated bed frame, a sagging couch, or a dining room table with unstable legs. Your Client Success Manager will work with you on identifying items that need to be addressed in your property so that you can make necessary repairs or purchase a new item.

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