How do I Join a Vacation Rental Management Program?

Joining a Vacation Rental Program ~ Join Southern

Are you a homeowner looking for a property management company? We’re here to help! Joining a vacation rental program and having a dedicated property manager is the best way to make caring for your investment stress-free. Take a look below at our five steps to joining a vacation rental program that will make the process as smooth as possible.

How to Join a Vacation Rental Program

Determine What You’re Looking For

What are you looking for from your property management company? Are you looking for a locally-owned company with employees who live and work in the same area as your home? Maybe you’re looking for a company that invests in cutting-edge technology and is always looking for ways to streamline their processes. Whatever it is, it’s important to make sure you’re on board with how the company does business, too.

What are the Perks?

When shopping for a vacation rental company, it’s important (and okay!) to ask what the perks of joining the company are. At Southern, our perks include:

  • Robust marketing and revenue plan
  • High-end technology incorporated into every aspect of management
  • Flat percentage with no fees built-in

You also benefit from a large team on the ground to make sure your property is well-cared for inside and out. You can even be as hands-off as you’d like to be and know you’re in good hands.

What Documents are Needed?

In order to get started with joining a vacation rental program, there are documents required to complete this process. At Southern, we require our signed Rental Management Agreement, ACH, and W-9 forms to be filled out in full to begin setting up your property in our system. Our team also walks your property and completes the worksheet to be used for your listing. This is a great chance to tell us about any unique features or new additions to your property you’d like us to highlight.

What Costs are Included?

At Southern, there is no start-up cost to join our vacation rental management program! This is because we recognize the value of building long-term relationships, and that starts with no fees to join the Southern family.

How Quickly Can I Start Renting?

Our team offers a quick turnaround time in as little as 24 hours, provided that no information is missing from your paperwork. We’re eager to start renting your property, too!

Even if you’ve shopped around for vacation rental programs for a while, you won’t find one like Southern. At Southern, we make it our mission to net you more while keeping costs low. We’d love to speak to you more about our process. For more questions on joining a vacation rental program, contact us today!