What Are Quality Control Inspections in Vacation Rentals?

Quality Control Inspections in Vacation Rentals ~ Southern Vacation Rentals

At Southern, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality experience to every guest. This means we ensure that the property is in top shape each time a guest checks into one of our properties by doing routine quality control inspections. Quality control inspections in vacation rentals allow our team to get ahead of any issues that might impact a guest’s stay as well as identify any problems that need an owner’s attention such as new furniture or appliances.

What Are Quality Control Inspections in Vacation Rentals

Our Operations Managers take the time to thoroughly walk each property and report any findings back to the Client Success Manager who then, in turn, reports any issues back to the owner. It’s a good practice to stay in regular communication with the owners so that they know what’s going on in their own condo. The quality control inspections in our vacation rentals consist of a 26-task work order that each Operations Manager oversees and signs off on to deliver back to the Client Success Manager. The quality control inspection requires the Operations Manager to walk every aspect of the property and ensure everything is in top shape. This includes making sure that all door locks work, any furniture is in clean and stable condition, and that the kitchen is stocked according to our Southern standard.

In addition, quality control inspections give us the chance to further dig into guest feedback and identify any opportunities for improvement. After all, guests are the ones seeing the property with fresh eyes, and we take guest feedback very seriously. Guest feedback is also relayed back to the owners for their own awareness. While work orders are completed on a routine basis, quality control inspections occur on a monthly basis and are a key performance indicator for our Operations Managers.

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