What is the Vacation Rental Booking Window?

Vacation Rental Booking Window ~ Join SouthernVacation Rental Management

What is the vacation rental booking window? You may have heard your Client Success Manager reference the booking window when speaking about reservations. The vacation rental booking window is the time between the day a booking is made and the date that the guest checks in. It’s a good way to measure how far out in advance bookings are made since we use the average to see trends in when people are searching. The booking window is used to determine rates by reviewing historical data to see peak demand for reservations. Overall, the booking window is a useful tool for all vacation rental management companies! 

It’s no surprise that the vacation rental booking window has been shrinking. Although we typically see larger properties book farther out in advance, the demand for shorter, more flexible stays has caused the booking window to shrink. As travelers gravitate more toward mid-week stays and companies ease up on dated restrictions like Saturday-Saturday only or a seven-night minimum. Of course, some places still mandate these restrictions, but allowing for some more flexibility can cause the booking window the fluctuate.  

However, it’s also important to note that the vacation rental booking window is currently fluctuating like never before. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen demand for last-minute reservations like never before. That demand has caused our booking window to drastically reduce, with guests looking for reservations as early as 48 hours prior to arrival. Having the right rate in the right property is crucial, and our Revenue and Guest Ambassador teams are working hard to make sure we are taking care of guests during every step in the booking process. Not to mention, it’s going to be important to take this kind of historical data into consideration when looking at 2021.  

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