Who Oversees My Property?

Southern’s Approach to Vacation Rental Management ~ Join Southern

Here at Southern, we’ve structured our operations around what works. We’ve been in the vacation rental management industry for over 25 years here on the Gulf Coast, and we’ve had plenty of experience fine-tuning our operations. As a new or potential owner, you may be wondering who oversees your property? After all, there are a number of facets that go into managing a vacation rental, from maintenance and repairs to communications with our internal teams and owners.

Vacation Rental Management

Previously we only had one individual overseeing your property. Now, we’ve broken out our previous Portfolio Manager role to play into an individual’s strengths. Each property is assigned an Operations Manager and a Client Success Manager. The Operations Manager is entrusted with maintaining the care and upkeep of the property in accordance with our standards. Operations Managers are responsible for a number of tasks including overseeing regular maintenance, quality control walks, and ensuring the property is ready for each guest’s arrival. Operations Managers also review guest feedback on a regular basis and take action depending on the property’s needs.

Then, the Operations Manager relates all of that information back to the Client Success Manager. Client Success Managers are your main point of contact at Southern, communicating feedback from the Operations Managers to each owner about their individual portfolio. Client Success Managers also work closely with our internal staff – Accounting, Marketing, Revenue, and Guest Ambassadors – to stay current on avenues that may affect your portfolio.

Does your current company’s approach to vacation rental management look like ours? Contact us today to learn more about the Southern difference and how we’ve structured our operations around putting your property first.