What is the Benefit of Having a Commercial Laundry Facility?

Southern’s Commercial Laundry Facility ~ Join Southern

At Southern, we are proud to own and operate our own commercial laundry facility for our vacation rentals. It’s our mission to deliver a high quality and clean stay for each of our guests. Owning and operating our own commercial laundry facility allows us to maintain control from an operational standpoint and deliver on that promise. There are numerous benefits to operating our own commercial laundry facility for vacation rentals, including minimizing linen costs and monitoring the specifications for water temperatures and products we use to launder the coverlets. And, now more than ever, we are following CDC-recommended guidelines when it comes to laundering sheets, towels, and coverlets.

Southern's Commercial Laundry Facility

This year, we have moved all of our properties onto the Clean Coverlet Program. The Clean Coverlet Program provides fresh and clean coverlets that are professionally laundered and changed with each reservation. As we have moved all of our properties onto this program, our commercial laundry facility oversees laundering our Clean Coverlets before being sent off to our properties. And, with nearly 1,200 properties across Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama, that’s a lot of sheets to launder!

In addition, we are also proud to partner with Surfside Commercial Laundry for our sheets and towels. Surfside Laundry uses environmentally-friendly EcoLab products to thoroughly clean and sanitize sheets and towels for all of our properties. They set wash temperatures at 165 degrees, dryer temperatures between 120-180 degrees, and all flatwork is subject to 212 degrees to remove any retained moisture. This commercial laundry facility follows a strict cross-contamination prevention strategy set by the CDC: all washers, dryers, and carts are sanitized, and one person is responsible for loading the washers.

Does your vacation rental management company use its own commercial laundry facility? We’re committed to keeping costs low all while working to net you more. Contact us today to learn about the Southern difference!