How Important Are Property Photos?

The Importance of Vacation Rental Photography ~ Join Southern

Importance of Vacation Rental Photography

The view from Sterling Shores #714 in Destin, Florida, taken with InsideMaps technology.

Images are the first touch a guest will have with your property, and we all know how important a good first impression is! So, just how important is vacation rental photography? In a word; very! Travelers will almost always look at the images before they read the description. You have 20 seconds to capture a renter’s attention, and those renters recall 80% of what they see versus only 20% of what they read. As part of our vacation rental management program, we offer free property photography and virtual tours at no cost to you. At Southern, we understand the importance of vacation rental photography!

According to Airbnb, properties that used professional photos had 24% more bookings than ones that didn’t. You want bookings, right? Not to mention, having professional photos shows our commitment to the property. We spent money for quality photographers and tours, which means we are committed to making it a quality rental.  Images also help with the description – we find that most travelers would rather look through the photos than read the description, but the images help substantiate the text.

Don’t forget about angles and lighting! Your images should invoke some level of emotion in a traveler and entice them to stay at your property. Good quality photos also showcase the amenities, whether your vacation home is in a neighborhood with private amenities or a high-rise condo with unique offerings.

In addition, we use offer virtual tours and floor plans on all of our properties using InsideMaps technology. This is also at no cost to you. We understand their role in the importance of vacation rental photography; detailed floor plans help guests know what to expect and plan in the event they have accessibility needs. Virtual tours are gaining popularity in the vacation rental industry as they help renters get a better sense of the property. It help them familiarize themselves with the property’s features, amenities, and layout when planning to book. A virtual tour can catch details that photos and a description can’t, hence their increased popularity with renters.

Does your current management company offer free professional photography, virtual tours, and detailed floor plans? Contact us to switch to the Southern difference today!