Should My Rental be Pet-Friendly?

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Should My Rental be Pet-Friendly?When signing onto a vacation rental management program, you may be wondering, “should my rental be pet-friendly?” This is a great question and many owners struggle with making the decision. There are a few considerations to make, including homeowner association (HOA) rules, fees, and general wear and tear on your property. You must also decide if making your rental pet-friendly will be worth it from a revenue standpoint. The good news is we’re answering the question “should my rental be pet-friendly” for you!

First, you must consider your personal needs and preferences if you plan to use the rental for your own use. You will also want to verify that you follow the HOA rules if applicable. If the HOA restricts pets to owners-only, then you, unfortunately, will not be able to make your rental pet-friendly. If guests are allowed to bring dogs, then you have your answer! Many guests desire to travel with their pets and seek accommodations that will allow them to do so. However, pet-friendly properties are usually limited to dogs, and will not be available to guests who travel with other animals.

Additionally, being pet-friendly can increase bookings and boost your revenue if the unit is strictly an investment property or you are open to allowing pets into your home. You will increase your competitive edge if you allow pets, as the number of properties that allow pets are significantly lower than those that do not.

From a booking perspective, guests are required to pay a pet fee at the time of booking. and there are policies in place that restrict breeds, weight, and the number of dogs allowed in the property. Typically, the weight restrictions limit it to dogs no heavier than 25 pounds. Guests are also required to sign a pet addendum upon booking. This outlines the rules and regulations for having a pet in the property.

While opening up your rental to pets is a great way to increase revenue, it is important to remember that pet-friendly properties may have more wear and tear. You may have to launder bedding, slipcovers, and rugs more often and carpet may not last quite as long. Periodic deep cleans may be necessary to accommodate guests with allergies.

Overall, allowing pets is a great way to increase the maximum revenue potential. If your HOA allows it, we recommend it! Feel free to contact us with more information on our vacation rental management program and revenue management services and learn what we can do for you.