How Does Southern Market My Property?

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A question we hear a lot from potential owners is “how does Southern market my property?” After all, it isn’t just enough to put your property on the website and hope that it books. There are certain tactics and strategies that Southern’s vacation rental marketing team puts into place to help get your property seen.

Our website,, is our main marketing tactic and largest driver of revenue. We work hard to optimize our website for search engines – this strategy is called SEO (search engine optimization). By optimizing our website for keywords guests will be searching for, we have a higher chance to show up in a search, drive them to our website, and convert them into a purchase. For example, when a guest searches for “Destin vacation rentals” on Google, we want to show up first!

Vacation Rental Marketing

Another one of our vacation rental marketing tactics is to optimize each and every listing on our website to rank high in a search as well. You may notice that if you search the address of your property, it won’t show up on our website. This is because a guest is more likely to search the property name if they are a repeat guest, or the resort name if you have a condo. Guests don’t often know the address for the property, so it’s a wasted strategy to try and optimize for the address. In addition, we engage in paid search advertising on search engines to drive more visitors to our site. Because of these strong tactics, over 70% of our revenue comes from

Where does the other 30% come from, then? We work with several partner sites including Vrbo and Airbnb to market your property. We call this the “billboard effect;” by putting these properties on these channel sites, we are able to reach guests who may not have otherwise been exposed to us. Although the demand to have properties on these channels is high, it’s important to note that we only drive about 30% of our revenue from them.

How else does our vacation rental marketing team market your property? We reach guests through social media and email marketing, two tried and true tactics that will never go out of style. Each year we send over 15 million emails to our growing database of over 300,000 individuals. This includes past guests, leads, and those who simply sign up to receive emails. By sending a combination of broadcast and segmented emails, we are able to reach the right people at the right time. We also have an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, where we reach thousands of guests to share vacation inspiration, properties, blog posts, and more. We are also active on LinkedIn where we engage with our employees and industry professionals.

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