How Does Southern Work With Realtors?

How Southern Works With Realtors ~ Join Southern

Vacation Rental Management

Southern is fortunate to have excellent long-standing relationships with realtors all across Northwest Florida & Coastal Alabama. With over 25 years of experience managing vacation rentals in Panama City Beach, Florida to Gulf Shores & Fort Morgan, Alabama, realtors know that we are a reliable company to recommend their clients to. After all, realtors need trustworthy vacation rental companies they can refer their clients to, and who better than a local leader in vacation rental management?

In the relationship between realtors and vacation rental managers, each side of the business leans on each other for expertise. Realtors look to vacation rental companies for accurate rental projections, and vacation rental managers look for realtors whose clients are shopping for a vacation rental management company. Our Business Development team actively networks with area realtors to see if they have any clients who are looking for a program for their investment property. In turn, realtors know they can repeatedly look to us for accurate rental projections. We track where our property owners are referred from and will, in turn, refer them back to you when the time is right.

Homeowners, this relationship benefits you, too! If you’re looking for a trusted area realtor for your next investment property, our team is happy to refer you to the right agent. If you’re a new owner or a potential one and don’t know where to get started, contact us and we’ll be happy to refer you to a realtor in the area of your choice. For new owners who have never gone through the process of joining a vacation rental management program, our team of experts can help you through the setup process. They’ll review the Rental Management Agreement (RMA) and any other important documents with you.

Realtors, do you have clients looking for a trustworthy vacation rental management company? Contact us today to get started!