Do I Need a Seven-Night Minimum in Summer?

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Minimum Night Stays in Vacation Rentals

Wondering about the best way to set your minimum nights? Previously, the standard was that vacation rentals would require a seven-night minimum, especially in the summertime. This way of thinking led consumers to believe that they could gain more revenue by requiring visitors to stay seven nights. However, since these restrictions were so tight, and as the demand for more flexible stays increased, rental management companies have found that visitors tend to shy away from properties that require strict minimum night stays in vacation rentals. 

By setting strict minimum night stays in your property, you are missing out on a huge number of potential guests by not showing up on searches. Guests may be looking for flexible stays, and not necessarily just for weekends, either. They may be looking for something mid-week and don’t have the option to take a full week off. We’ve seen that properties that have more flexibility can create loyalty and thus can increase repeat stays. And, especially with a new property, you might consider dropping your minimum stay requirements to capture guests who cannot take a full week of vacation. Research also shows that over a full year, properties with fewer restrictions sell 47% more nights online and takes 34% more bookings directly via their website.

Additionally, airlines are beginning to add flights outside of the Saturday arrival and departure dates. Flexible flights mean more flexible travel, which will then make your property more attractive to guests. Not to mention, with everything going on around COVID-19, our drivable markets have never been more important. While people are returning to work, they may be seeking shorter stays as they are not able to take an entire week off of work, but still want to get away. By reducing strict minimum night stays in vacation rentals, we are attracting a larger demographic and opening ourselves up to more potential renters. 

Does your current vacation rental management company require seven-night minimums in the summer? Learn how we’ve changed our model to allow flexible stays to net you more. Our dedicated Revenue Team oversees your property’s rates and, along with your Client Success Manager, optimizes them to ensure your property is performing the way it should. Contact us today!