Does Southern Share Guest Feedback With Owners?

Sharing Vacation Rental Feedback With Owners ~ Join Southern

Whether you’re an owner who self-manages or one who relies on a vacation rental management company to look after their property, nothing is more important than guest feedback. After all, you’re providing a service, and it’s important to know what your consumers think! At Southern, sharing vacation rental feedback with owners is so important. It helps us ensure we are providing a top quality stay to each and every guest that we serve.

Vacation Rental Management

Have you ever stayed somewhere with a guest book in the property? Owners regularly seek feedback from guests and will often leave one in their home to allow guests to share memories or feedback. At Southern, our review system acts as a virtual guest book, allowing us to see what guests liked and didn’t like about their stay. For our Portfolio Managers, it’s important to share reviews with owners to provide both transparency and individualized feedback on how we can improve their property. Portfolio Managers share feedback regularly with owners, but how frequently it is shared can vary; some owners want feedback right away, while others ask for it on a monthly basis.

It can be tough to read negative feedback sometimes, but the negative feedback is important. It lets us know what isn’t working and corrective measures we need to take. When sharing vacation rental feedback with owners, our Portfolio Managers look for key points in reviews such as “worn,” “outdated,” and mentions of furniture items including mattresses and sofas. If these items are uncomfortable to guests, it can take quickly turn an otherwise perfect stay upside down. These reviews also provide an excellent backing for Southern to push owners who are not interested in updating or replacing items to show that it’s not just our interest at stake, but the guests’ interest as well.

Does your vacation rental management company provide feedback on a regular basis? Contact us today to learn more about the Southern difference and learn what we can do for you.