What is the Response Time for Owner Communication?

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Owner Communication

One of the strongest deliverables to our owners is communication. In our 25 years of partnering with property owners, we recognize that no two are exactly alike in what they want when it comes to communication. How often do they want to be communicated with? Do they prefer a phone call, email, or text message? What do you want communicated to you? Each owner is different: some may prefer very little contact while others are very hands-on and want a continuous line of communication. Most property owners lie somewhere in between. Regardless of how much communication you want, our operational structure is set up for success. We pride ourselves on our high level of owner communication, ensuring that their property is cared for around the clock and that everything runs smoothly.

In the evolution of our Portfolio Manager role, the number of properties managed is less than the industry standard. Each Portfolio Manager has around 30 properties and a Portfolio Manager Partner to help them tag-team on a property. We do this so that our team can dedicate enough time to each owner as well as the property. As an owner with Southern, you’ll have direct access to your Portfolio Manager 24/7. If you want to text, email, or call, we will communicate with you how you prefer! We believe that building a partnership begins with an open line of communication and trust.

Our team is proactive in communicating with owners on a minimum of a monthly basis to update them on revenue pacing, property conditions, quality control, guest reviews, Southern and industry news, and more. Our Owner Portal is another tool frequently used by owners – it offers a real-time look at reservations, work orders, and statements.

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