Should I Provide Bikes or a Golf Cart for my Home?

Providing a Golf Cart or Bikes for Your Vacation Rental ~ Join Southern

The type of amenities you provide at your home can be a big selling point for your guests. One amenity we see provided regularly, especially in Destin and 30A, are golf carts and bikes. Providing a golf cart and/or bikes for your vacation rental home is very attractive to potential guests. If you are able to provide these amenities, then you are likely to see more bookings in your rental than if you went without. While these amenities aren’t necessary, they go a long way with guests since they won’t have to research local rental companies or pay extra to have them rented. Providing a bike or golf cart in a vacation rental

Why focus on these two amenities? If your vacation home is located in a place with a bike trail or a scenic road – think Scenic 98 in Destin – then this gives your guests the opportunity to spend some time outdoors and get some exercise. On 30A, the area’s 19-mile bike path known as the Timpoochee Trail is a great way for visitors to get around without having to take a car and sit in beach traffic.

While golf carts are not designed for highway use (as they typically don’t go over 40 miles an hour), they are a great way to get to and from your house to the beach or nearby shopping malls and restaurants. Golf carts keep visitors from having to walk back and forth from their rental to the beach in the heat and keeps you from having to carry beach equipment as well.

However, be mindful of the fact that these items will show wear and tear from guests after a while. It’s always important to ask guests to sign a waiver before using the bike or golf cart, especially as a golf cart will require some extra steps like ensuring the primary driver has insurance and a valid driver’s license. Guests should also be responsible for any damages or theft inflicted on the items, especially if they are rented through a company and then delivered for each reservation.

Golf carts and bikes aren’t the only amenities guests look for in a vacation rental! Here are some other ideas for ways to provide guests with a memorable getaway:

  • Private grill (gas, electric, or charcoal)
  • Beach service
  • Kayaks and paddleboards
  • Private pools

Does your current vacation rental management company work with you to ensure your guests are well taken care of on their vacation? We’d love to show you just what we do to ensure each guest has a sweet Southern stay. Contact us to learn more about the Southern difference.