How is Maintenance Handled for a Vacation Rental?

How We Handle Vacation Rental Maintenance ~ Join Southern

At Southern, it’s one of our top priorities to keep your property in mint condition. A question we are frequently asked from owners is how we handle vacation rental maintenance. With a comprehensive maintenance plan to help keep everything in top shape, our Portfolio Managers keep a close eye on your property. You can rest assured that we have a plan in place for making sure your property looks well cared for inside and out.

How Are Property Inspections Handled

Our vacation rental maintenance plan covers the initial service charge for calls incurred by the Portfolio Manager. Since this is included in our vacation rental management program, there is no monthly charge for and includes routine maintenance, diagnostic service calls, replacing batteries and lightbulbs, and more. Our Portfolio Managers even check electrical breakers and ground fault interrupter outlets, refrigerator and freezer controls, making keys for homeowners as necessary, and more.

However, some instances may require a professional vendor to come out and assess the situation. Our Portfolio Managers will always assess the situation first to see if it’s something that can be done at our level before calling for vendor expertise. This is part of our promise to keep costs low while maximizing your revenue. In the event that we do require a vendor to come and assess your property, you will receive an invoice from Southern. Your Portfolio Manager will always notify you before contacting a vendor for transparency in your property and so that there are no surprise invoices.

Another part of our vacation rental maintenance plan includes preventative maintenance for your property. This work is performed in two phases and includes, but is not limited to, checking AC filters and lines, hot water heaters, and checking all windows, door screens, deadbolts, and door handles.

Questions? Our team is here for you! Contact us today to learn more about our vacation rental management program and what we can do for you.