What is the Clean Coverlet Program?

Southern’s Clean Coverlet Program ~ Join Southern

When browsing our properties on our main website, SouthernResorts.com, you might have noticed an amenity that says “Clean Coverlets – Every Reservation,” in addition to a line advertising clean linens, comforters, and coverlets at each check-in. This is part of our Clean Coverlet initiative and our vacation rental management program. We replace a property’s current comforters and quilts with environmentally-friendly bed covers that are changed and laundered with each reservation.

White Picket Fence

White Picket Fence in Destin, Florida is a home that is brand new to Southern and on the Clean Coverlet Program

At Southern, we own and operate an industrial laundry facility to ensure all of our linens, towels, and bedding is professionally laundered and free of bacterial and other viruses. This is part of an extremely important process that allows us to control proper water temperature and chemical settings. Our laundry facility exceeds the standard of average home laundry machines, which only reach temperatures of 100-120 degrees. This allows us to avoid minimal temperature settings, improper chemical balances, and small drum size when professionally laundering items.

Previously, our owners could buy into the program to have comforters and linens added to their property’s bedding. Now, we are offering the Clean Coverlet program to each owner who joins our program in 2020. When you sign on with Southern, it’s our goal to maximize revenue while keeping costs low. Just think: clean coverlets mean no more replacing your bedding or having to get it professionally laundered. Over time, this cost can add up, especially if you have a large seven-bedroom home.

In addition, our feedback from guests indicates that they love our Clean Coverlet Program. Not to mention, the Clean Coverlets allow your property to have a fresh and uniform look, all while still maintaining the unique design and individuality of your home. You can still add throw pillows, blankets, and more to each bedroom while still enjoying the freshness of clean, white bed linens for your guests.

Ask us how you can switch your property to our Clean Cover Program today! As part of our vacation rental management program, it’s our mission to help keep costs low all while maximizing revenue.