How Should I Name my Vacation Rental?

How to Name Your Vacation Rental ~ Join Southern

Giving your property a memorable name is a great way to get those repeat guests to book with you year after year. You could elect to name it after something important to you, like a pet or a loved one, or after a special feature of your home. Think of it as brand identity for your property. Naming your vacation rental helps it stand out among the rest and will also help with “word of mouth referrals.” When you share your vacation rental with others and the name stands out, your friends and family members are likely to share it with those that they know. Now that you know some of the importances of giving your property a name, learn a few tips and tricks on how to name your vacation rental below!

How to Name Your Vacation Home

Seacrest White House on 30A, pictured above

Tell a Story

Vacations are all about authentic experiences shared between those you love most. When your house has a unique name, you’re invoking a feeling in guests that would make them want to visit your home. It doesn’t have to be a story that is obvious to guests, either; it could be the story behind the reason you bought the home or a memory made there. Do you have a favorite song? Incorporate that to the name of your home, like The Last Mango in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The home’s name is a call to the popular Jimmy Buffett song and album of the same name.

Hint at Your Destination

Destinations play a huge role in where visitors are going, and a great way to attract potential guests is with a clever name that points at the area. For example, DESTINation Sunset and DESTINation Paradise both play on the homes’ location in Destin. Meanwhile, Seacrest White House serves as a nod to the home’s location in Seacrest Beach on 30A.

Don’t Be Afraid to be Clever

Want to catch the eye of your guests? Using a clever and memorable name is sure to do it! Everyone loves a good pun, especially a beach pun, and something unique will certainly help your property stand out among the rest. O-Sea-D in Gulf Shores, Knot on Call in Seacrest Beach, and Beaches and Cream in Santa Rosa Beach are some of our favorite homes with clever, memorable names.

We hope you learned some tips and tricks on how to name your vacation home! If you have any other questions about joining our rental program, contact us today!