How Are Property Inspections Handled?

How Are Property Inspections Handled? ~ Join Southern

How are property inspections handled? Since we restructured our model to allow portfolio managers to handle a smaller subset of properties – about 30 – our team is able to better manage the care and condition of each property. Each portfolio manager takes the utmost care to ensure each property is in top condition, handling work orders and overseeing the unit’s cleanliness. This includes checking the quality of furnishings, bedding, appliances, and more.

How Are Property Inspections Handled

In our property management system, each property’s work order is assigned to the portfolio manager who then goes to handle the work order themselves or assigns it to a vendor. If the issue is minor, like basic maintenance or needing lightbulbs replaced, it’s easy for the manager to handle it. Some work orders are a little more complex and require a skilled vendor to tackle the issue at hand. This could involve anything from carpet cleaning to issues with the air conditioning or heating.

In addition to work orders, there are also quality inspection checks. Quality inspections are a 26-task work order that the portfolio manager must oversee and personally sign off on. Following these tasks keeps the unit clean and ready for the next guest. Some of these items include ensuring the bedding is clean, that the door lock works correctly, clean patio furniture, and that the WiFi network and password are correct and working. It also includes making sure that the proper count of dishwasher, cooking utensils, and bakeware are found in the kitchen.

We take pride in our properties, and it shows! Portfolio managers handle property inspections by making sure the unit is clean, well-stocked and furnished, and ready for the next guest. Our internal reports even allow us to see guest feedback from the previous stay to monitor any issues with bedding, cleanliness, or overall quality of the unit. This ensures that each guest’s experience is better than the one before.

Still have questions about our vacation rental management services or how property inspections are handled? Contact us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.