The Benefits of Having a Property Manager

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The Benefits of Having a Property Manager ~ Join Southern

Congratulations, you’ve just purchased your second home! If you’re planning on using this strictly as an investment property, it’s a good idea to shop around for property management companies to help you manage your rental property. There are pros to having a property manager, including serving as a point of contact, higher profits, and overall, providing peace of mind. We’ve outlined the benefits of having a property manager versus self-managing. While some people certainly opt to manage their properties themselves, having a property manager can be extremely beneficial!

When you self-manage your property, everything falls on you to take care of – and we mean everything. That means keeping track of finances, marketing your property, and taking care of work orders both big and small. If you live near your property and can be flexible, that’s great! However, most owners live out of state and cannot access their property in a timely manner. Plus, when you add in routine maintenence, time adds up! In the end, the guest experience snowballs and turns negative. The last thing any property owner wants is a negative guest experience, which leads to poor reviews and a lack of bookings. This is where a property management company comes in.

It’s our number one goal as your property management company to provide you peace of mind. We take care of it all, from the guest experience to marketing your property to overseeing all work orders. That way, when you come down to visit your property, you can truly enjoy your time here. When we become your property management company, you’ll benefit from our big company systems and marketing while enjoying the feel of partnering with a locally-owned and operated company. Because we’ve been in business since 1995, we know what works and have adapted our structure to fit just that. Everything we do is designed to maximize revenue and minimize costs.

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