How to Give Your Property an Edge

How to Give Your Property an Edge ~ The Business Blog

Adagio 204B

Adagio #204B features an aesthetically pleasing interior in addition to in-season beach service for guests.

The key to successful bookings and maximizing revenue potential is to set your unit or home apart from the others that are available. By giving your property an edge, your property stands out among others that guests may be looking at. Whether that’s jazzing up the outdoor area, creating a beautiful interior space, or simply offering beach service for your guests, setting yourself apart from the competition is crucial. Do you have questions about how to make this happen? As part of our vacation rental management services, we’d be happy to help!

Creating an outdoor living space will attract the eye of potential guests. An area that features a grill, seating space, and view will allow guests to enjoy the beautiful weather while spending time with their party. Outdoor entertainment is another great way to attract potential renters. In addition to private pool access, games such as cornhole, offer guests an additional source of entertainment. Indoor entertainment such as ping pong or pool tables also provides additional value for guests.

Beach FUNatic Media Room

Beach FUNatic in Destin provides a media room for guests to enjoy their favorite movies on vacation

Providing a golf cart for your guests to use is another amenity that can set you aside from other rentals in the area. Golf carts are a great way for guests to rent properties off of the beach but still make it to the beach access points quickly without having to walk with children and beach toys.

If you are a condo owner, it will be harder to provide amenities such as a golf cart or a backyard space. This is where interior design comes in. By creating a beautiful living space for your potential guests, you’re raising the bar for their beach vacation. Aesthetically appealing décor and updated appliances and countertops are just a couple of the ways to give your rental property a competitive edge. Learn about how often to upgrade your rental property here.

Some owners may opt to provide beach service for their guests. There are many local beach service companies that will allow owners to pre-pay for service during season. Many guests will seek out properties that offer beach service, so by offering it, you have a leg-up over the other properties that don’t offer beach service.

We hope you learned a little about how to give your property an edge! Contact us today for your free rental projection and to learn more about our vacation rental management services.