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At Southern, we’re always looking for innovative ways to net you more. We also consistently look for ways to streamline our property management services – the more efficient, the better! That’s why we’re investing in Point Central Smart Home Technology. By investing in cutting-edge technology in all of our properties, we’re working to increase your home’s value. Improving security, reducing energy costs, and operating efficiently are just a few of the ways Point Central works to keep things in top shape.

Point Central Smart Home TechnologyOne of our favorite aspects of Point Central is its functionality as cloud-based software. Since it doesn’t require internet connectivity, each property receives its own cellular communication gateway that can be accessed from any device. Point Central monitors any energy used by regulating heating and cooling, making the technology budget-friendly. Southern’s team sets rules based on whether the property is occupied or unoccupied, so no energy is wasted by lack of occupancy.

When guests check-in, they are issued a door code set to their check-in time. This ensures that guests don’t have to keep up with a key during their vacation. Keyless entry eliminates the risk of losing keys, along with the overall cost of having a physical key. The Point Central deadbolt lock also provides additional security compared to older lock technology. All Point Central locks consist of a manual or automatic locking system option that can be set and changed as needed. Point Central Smart Home Technology also recognizes when the guest has checked in, checked out, or is simply leaving for the day.

In addition, although occupancy has already been set at the time of booking, the Point Central’s Smart Thermostat allows minimum and maximum temperatures to be set prior to arrival. Portfolio Managers in the field can change the temperature right from their phones. The technology also sends out alerts when an issue arises with any of the devices or monitoring systems. For example, if the air conditioning goes out in a home, Point Central will notify our teams before it becomes a major issue.

Point Central also seamlessly integrates with our property management systems, allowing us to create door codes for not just guests, but for owners and vendors as well. It also helps monitor whether a unit has not been cleaned, cleaning is in progress, or cleaning is complete. This helps us communicate to guests who may have requested an early check-in time.

Point Central Smart Home Technology is just one of the ways we’re able to maximize revenue on your vacation rental. Contact us today for more information about our property management services!